After moving to London at eighteen and flitting about for far too long, I finally settled as blissy as can be, by the sea. It was there that my castaway dreams resurfaced and I began to write...reams after realising that I'd finally allowed my innermost self a voice. When my first novel was published, it soon became obvious that it wasn't as 'ordinary' as I thought. 'Normal' has never been my best thing, but my book sure felt that way to me. I write exactly as I think, with a brain beset by rainbows, purely for the joy of it. My stories are my happy place, set in my world as an escape from the one that all too oft feels grim 'n' grey... Shared in hope that someone, somewhere, might be glad I did.



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My Way

'Who the fuck is Joe Fitzgerald...?'

Infamous rock star and best selling British male solo artist, 'Junkie Joe' is a press junket gift from the gods.Trouble with a capital T and too talented for his own welfare. Dead set on his own destruction. Enter Mac. The baddest of badasses, procurred at vast expense by Joe's record company to protect him. From himself.

*Trigger Warning* Joe is a heroin addict. His story contains scenes of self-medicating drug use.
My Way ends on a HFN with a HEA to follow in its sequel. 95,000 words.