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Rosary Meditations: Prayers for My Family

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our family is our heartfelt prayers. These Rosary meditations and prayers were written to help us to direct the graces of this extraordinary prayer toward our own family.


Agnes' Gift

Sometimes God seems nowhere to be found. Then, in an instant, the thin veil that separates Heaven and Earth is peeled back, and we see that He is closer than we ever imagined.
Since Confirmation, Jenna hasn’t thought much about her Catholic faith. With her world turned upside down from her parents’ divorce, her brother’s disappearance, and a move to a new neighborhood, God has never felt more distant.
Upon moving, Jenna befriends Agnes, an elderly neighbor full of life and faith. She finds hope and healing through Agnes’ friendship — until one heartbreaking night, she loses Agnes, too. Now, on Christmas Eve, gazing upon a gift from Agnes under her tree, an angel appears to take Jenna on an extraordinary journey through the mysteries of the Rosary, and she must decide if there is more to