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Hope and Fate

Life for Hope Atwood has always been simple collection of church bazaars, homemade biscuits, and country picnics. Raised by two devoted aunts, Hope ran through life barefoot and carefree until the summer before she turned eighteen when the body of a mysterious stranger appeared in the creek behind her house. The stranger’s identity was only the beginning of the mystery.


Hitch and Miss

Dixie Taylor left behind her Oklahoma childhood for the sunshine and beaches of Santa Monica, California. Twenty years on, her pampered life revolves around shopping and parties and wine pairings. But when her husband goes missing, the world she has known begins to fall apart around herself and her teenage daughter, Paige. Can she find a new life far away in the Oklahoma hills? Or will her life unravel completely before she has a chance to find out?

*Author's note: This short novel is an introduction to Dixie's story. Check out the next novel, Home Sweet Hitch, for the rest of the action.