Women's Fiction

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Ready to Fall (A Second Chance Bad Boy Next Door Romance)

A year ago, the boy next door asked me to marry him. Then he walked away.
Travis is the guy my dad warned me about.
Six-foot-one, ripped, and tattooed.
Drives too fast, spends too much time working on old cars - getting dirty, working with his hands.
Definitely not the kind of guy the police chief’s shy daughter is supposed to be with.
But I couldn't resist his smile. At the end of every day, we’d say goodnight through our windows. Then he tempted me with something more.
He claimed me and I fell for him.
The next thing I knew, I was being questioned by my dad’s cop buddy, asked if I knew Travis’ whereabouts the night a crime was committed in our town.
He went to prison for a year.
He broke my heart.
But now he's back, demanding a second chance.
I don't know if I'm ready to fall.



Vice (A Second Chance Rockstar Romance)

He’s bad for me, but I can’t quit him. He’s my addiction, my drug, my bad habit. I know I should stay away, but I keep going back for more.

Dylan is my tattooed, pierced, hot-as-sin next-door neighbor.
When he left to chase his dream of packed arenas and screaming fans, I was crushed. Once the road separated us, I knew it was my chance to put him in the past, where he belongs.
But now that he’s back in town to tend to his sick father, temptation is calling me. And I can’t stay away this time.

She’s my everything. She’s my rock and my soul, and she’s totally off-limits.
She’s too good for me. She’s virtuous and pure, and I’ll only hurt her.
But she’s my past and my future, and I can’t screw this up.
And now that I’m back in town, I have another chance to make her mine.



Push (A Fake Fiancee Bad Boy Romance)

She doesn't know if I've captured her or saved her. Neither do I.

I'm the enforcer. I'm the man she needs to pay.

When I see her alabaster skin and her auburn hair, I need to possess her. To protect her. Because as much as her body is made for sin, she's an innocent in all of this. She looks at me with a take-no-sh*t fire behind her eyes. She's too naive to know how much trouble she's in.

I call her Cherry like her father did. I make up a story to protect her. But I may have just put both of us in the boss' line of fire.

I don't care. I'll take a bullet for this woman. Even if it rips right through me and tears us apart.

*This is a preview of about 27,000 words of my new work-in-progress, Push. Sign up for my newsletter to receive your free preview. ARC signup to follow.*



Dirty Boss

The first rule of business? Always get it in writing.
The second: never mix business with pleasure.
I guess that makes my new boss a rule breaker.

My new job is good for entry-level. Get coffee, make files. Always answer the phone on the first ring. I'm not expecting to have much face time with the boss, and that's okay with me. Aside from his dark hair, mischievous eyes and hot-as-hell tattoos, he's also known around the office as a controlling, hard-headed jerk.

But when he slips me a note on my second day of work - a dirty note that I can't bring myself to throw away - I realize I might be in for more than just face time with him.

And unlike the boss, I've never been much of a rule breaker. But now, breaking the rules has never felt so good.