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Firefighter Next Door BONUS EPILOGUE


Absolute, pure hot temptation just moved in next door.

They call me a hero.
My job as a firefighter is everything for me. It’s my vocation and what I live for.
But a tempting little thing just moved in next door.
Forbidden fruit.
The boss' daughter.
And I’m hard for her curves, her smile, the way she moves so sinfully.
I already know the heat I’ll take if I even look.
I put myself in harm’s way every single day, but nothing’s ever felt as dangerous as her.
My job is everything to me, but I’ll risk anything for her.
Because I don’t do anything half-way.
Dangerous or not, she is mine.



Dirty Work

Tattoos, tons of money, attitude for days. And completely out of my league.

So I might have made up a fake boyfriend. It's my go-to when I feel out of my depth with guys. And trust me, I still need more experience on that front. But on my first day of work, this sinfully hot, tattooed guy - the kind of guy I live for - is already asking me out.

What's a girl to do?

I decide to go to his birthday party like he asked. He said he wanted me to come, and he's already calling me his girlfriend.

But when he outbids one of our colleagues at a work charity auction and spends an embarrassing amount of money on a date with me (a date I would have gone on with him anyway!), I know he's serious.

And I can't believe how good it feels to be claimed.

*Dirty Work is an erotic romance novella <3*