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An Unexpected Blessing

Emma has sworn off men after someone anonymously sends a picture of her boyfriend caught in a lip-lock with a gorgeous blond. Then Luke Blessing walks into the diner where she works, and wow, he's grown out of his gangly, awkward teen self, and her heart hasn't slowed since she laid eyes on him. Is she fickle, or could he be the real deal?
With her mama's ranch in trouble financially, Luke could be the answer they've been looking for. Unless he buys the whole thing out from under them?


The Healer's Heart

The Healer’s Heart
With an impending murder charge, Giada must escape Earth before the Amahrian enforcers find her. Desperate, she accepts an offer to be a StarBride to a wealthy governor on another planet. What she didn’t account for was the handsome and irksome pilot whose only thoughts are about profits.
Captain Skyler Rohn can’t go back to Earth; he’s a wanted man and needs money to prove his innocence. When a job offer comes in that pays handsomely to transport a StarBride, Skyler can’t resist. Distracted by her beauty, he flies into an asteroid field. With his ship damaged, Skyler’s only choice is to land on a habitable moon before their oxygen runs out. If only Giada and Skyler had met before she had agreed to be another man’s wife.



Love Across the Border