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Leather and Chrome (Partial)

The smell of leather and the flash of Chrome is enough to drive a young lawyer, Ethan Rae, out of his mind with desire when he meets the dangerous, hot, exciting Lou Summer in a biker bar in the middle of a desert.
Is Lou all that he appears to be, risky and daring, ready to ride Ethan to hell and back just by one heated look in his eyes? Is the tall, handsome, mysterious biker with the leather vest, inked arms, and tight leather pants too dangerous for a one night stand for the young lawyer slumming?
Are they both too hot and too dangerous when they get together?
Will their fantasies be fulfilled in the dark, in the back of a bar, where no one but these two men will know the result of their meeting?



Boys with Toys Book 2 (Partial chapters 1-2)

Straight men were never Jami Caulfield’s style and especially one with a wife who uses her babies by another man like a pawn in a chess game—book two, “Boys with Toys,” Jami’s story.
Maxwell Gold never thought he would fall in love with a gay man, and especially one who is Trans with two ex-lovers who hold the secret to why they can’t let Jami walk away.
Will Maxwell Gold discover Jami’s secret of why he’s so desirable to straight and gay men alike? Or will Max think Jami is too over the top, and will never accept his once straight life of marriage and babies?
Will Jami make Maxwell his, and overlook everything else, or will Jami return to his ex-lover and leave Maxwell wondering, "WTF just happened to my life?"


Boys with Toys Book 3 Partial

This book is an M/M Romance, and it's for matured adults 18 and over.

Taylor Knox never cared who he fell in love with as long as he was in love. It could have been a woman or a man. He just needed to feel his heart skip a beat when he met that special someone. Taylor craved that crazy-falling-in-love feeling that when he met Payton Bailey who had a fiancée, he overlooked that when he aimed his eyes and heart in Payton's direction, and his heart and body quivered, and Taylor knew that Payton was the one, and he made promises he knew he would keep. But there were problems, and neither men could see it coming. 

This is Book 3 of the M/M romance "Boys with Toys."


Summer Heat

A boy in need of love. A lover without a heart.
A visit to a warm climate is all Chase Olson thought he needed to make him forget the man he adored, who broke his heart and left him penniless.
After a disastrous relationship, Chase moves to California in search of a man and a fantasy in hopes that whomever he meets will accept and overlook the broken young man he has become.
Will Chase find the man of his dreams and will that man be the one, or will Chase set himself up for another broken heart?
Will Chase’s experiences change him, or will he remain the sweet loving boy he’d been before?


Boys with Toys Book 1

“It’s hard being a gay man when you think you’re straight.”

Maxwell Gold is a straight man who's in love with a transgender man. He's married though he has never had sex with his wife except for the occasional blow job, or the office flings with a personal assistant or two.

Straight men were never Jami Caulfield’s style and especially one with a wife who uses her babies by another man like a pawn in a chess game.


Say It


Boys with Toys Book 1 partial book