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As a psychological thrillers author, I believe serial killers exist. I don't believe the perfect man does, which is why I no longer write romances.
The biggest influence on my writing are unfinished conversations. I love them. Co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and random strangers inspire me daily.

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Final Arrangement - Preview

Eileen must question everyone she’s ever met to save everyone she’s ever hated.
Nobody expected this serial killer to resurface. An anonymous letter is left on the counter of a floral boutique. In it is a confession for murder — it’s signed RIP.
The vigilante Rest in Peace Killer has chosen Eileen Somers as his latest victim. He’s killing her enemies one by one so she can rest in peace, but she doesn’t want his kind of help.
Identifying a killer who walks among the ordinary mall walkers seems impossible, but Eileen is desperate to stop him. Three men are killed and she’s running low on enemies. She must crack the code in his confession letters or an innocent man will die.
Final Arrangement is a plot-twisting novel will have you looking twice at every stranger who crosses your path.


The Unknown

I believe serial killers exist.
Do you?

I’m an author who enjoys writing about not-so-happily ever afters.
I used to write romance, but became a thriller author because I strived for books with more realism.
Perfect men don't exist, but serial killers sure do.

When not writing, I stand around having unfinished conversations with random strangers. (I work retail.) These exchanges are the best for protagonists and antagonists inspiration. Keep walking by everyone!

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Unlucky Roger

Scars are like memories, the worst ones stay with you the longest.
Unlucky Roger is a habitual cheater out for a quickie encounter before heading home. Eileen is out for justice. The vigilante killer is left with a new scar from each unloved soul that crosses her path. On the night they meet, she hopes Roger will escape payment. But is doubtful.
Unlucky Roger, a short horror story is 4300 words long. Included, as a bonus is a preview of Martha Henley’s debut psychological thriller, Don't Kill For Me. It’s a twisting tale of a woman with a past, a secret admirer’s odd love notes, confessions of murder, and a serial killer that wishes Eileen Rests in Peace.
Don’t miss reading the Rest in Peace Killer’s terrifying mission to please one woman by committing murder on her behalf.