Noah Steele is an out and proud gay author based in Toronto, Canada. His debut M/M romance series, Cut to the Feeling, is the start of a journey to share stories featuring queer characters getting the happy endings they deserve. He believes that queerness is strength, and the gay men at the heart of his books embody that strength without experiencing queerness as a roadblock to happiness. Like Noah, they're out, proud, and thriving in their whirlwind romantic adventures! When he's not writing, Noah is an avid video gamer and gym-goer.




Briar Prescott

Noah Steele is a go-to author for everything lighthearted, sweet, and heartwarming. This story has almost a dream-like quality to it, and it's lovely as you progress through the days with Gael and Theo and witness them fall for each other. It's low on angst and high on tenderness, enjoyable from start to finish.

Slade James

The elements I loved most about Whispers of Love: Lifelong best friends who fall in love. A bookstore in a snowstorm. Cute boy gamers live-streaming their passion on multiple levels.<br /> <br /> I really love stories about couples who create something together -- a project, a performance, an endeavor -- as part of, and beyond, their romance. The video gaming component was a unique experience within the story I enjoyed living vicariously.<br /> <br /> As much as this is about two young men finding new levels in their connection, it's also about discovering a sense of purpose. Beyond sexuality, there is the choice of the life you want to lead over the path that others have laid out for you. As a theme for twenty-somethings, this is as important as sexual identity.<br /> <br /> There's a brightness and joy in Noah Steele's writing. This low-angst love story is incredibly sweet with the right amount of heat. (I want to be a twenty-something playing video games with an adorable guy! Sigh.)

EM Denning

Noah Steele delivers a sweet and steamy story that's perfect for curling up with on a cold winter night.

Kate Hawthorne

Whispers of Love is packed with all the feels and emotions you expect from one of Noah's books and a punch of heat strong enough to keep Nico and Chase warm when their secrets are spilled. It's a sweet and exciting read.

Maz Maddox

Best friends to lovers with all the feels!<br /> Whispers of Love is a prequel to Steele's Cut to the Feeling series. This sweet, sexy as hell story is cozy in all the right ways. Who doesn't love cute gamer boys falling in love?! This little story is packed with emotion and adorable, instantly lovable characters. <3

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