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Merlot and Murder

Dig up the past and the dead hunt you down.

Wine Valley produces award-winning wines and dead bodies. A man is strangled, stuffed with seashells, and dumped in a nature reserve.

Max King must solve the murder before others die. But the case digs up deadly ghosts from his past.

Max's father, the former Chief of Police, has told some whoppers about Max's childhood prior to adopting him. Memories of a girl, a dark-haired childhood companion, rise up from the depths and haunt Max. Behind her lurks a real-life monster.

Walk into the spine-chilling vineyards of Wine Valley, Revel in heart-stopping suspense. Quick-release of novels 1-3 in May 2019.
This award-winning author of fantasy and historical fiction has turned to murder. Titles and release dates: