Teen & Young Adult

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Jade Gariq is the heiress to Gariq Industries—a large, cross-Portal trading company. Her future is set—except it’s a life she doesn’t want. 

Jade dreams of joining the Traveller Force—the elite Taraqans who traverse the Betwixt to protect and patrol the Dragonverse. Despite having been Travellers once, Jade’s parents refuse to risk their daughter’s life. When Jade’s father dies suddenly, she inherits Gariq Industries, with all its assets and social responsibilities.
It seems her fate has once again been decided.
Meanwhile, Axel—her close friend and secret crush—disappears. Then Jade discovers suspicious circumstances surrounding her father's death—her uncle suspects foul play. To avenge her father's death, Jade travels to an uncharted world, and learns more than she ever imagined.