Anna Ellis likes to writes about happily married couples having sex with other happily married couples. There's no werewolves or vampires, shapeshifters or tentacles involved - just good, old-fashioned sex. And maybe a little tying up. Or a spanking or two.

In Anna's Husbands and Wives series, follow new neighbours Jacey and Dominic as they learn to navigate the slippery sidewalks of suburban swinger lifestyle. Being a good neighbour has never been so much fun!

Her Office Plays series take you to the workplace to meet the most excitable group of office employees you would ever want to work with. They give coffee breaks a new meaning.

Touch, is an unconventional love story about a woman who falls in love with a man...and his wife. All nine books are available now.

Her latest series, Adults Only, brings back characters from her earlier series, and gets back into the swinging scene.

Anna also writes women's fiction/chicklit under her own name Holly Kerr. If you're looking for something a little less steamy (but still hot!) check out her books, Unexpecting, Coming Home, and Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder, and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd.



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Three sexy stories about watching, being watched and what happened when you get caught.
For mature readers, 18+ due to sexual situations
Checking on an overnight guest brings new excitement to Hettie and Jay's marriage in A New Friend.
Lexa likes to flirt with the construction workers next door but one day she takes it a step too far as she watches The Work Crew.
And in The Wet One, written by Anna and Holly Kerr, Liam has no idea he's Aubrey's office crush - or does he?
From the author of Touch and the Husbands and Wives series
Bonus - an excerpt from the soon-to-be-available Shared Accommodations, book one of the new Anna Ellis series, Adults Only.



Making Friends

Do you have naughty neighbours?
Jacey and Dominic do
When happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move into their new neighbourhood, they're surprised at how friendly everyone is. Jacey is quickly won over by the wives on the street and intrigued by Joe, the resident handyman.

When the neighbours invite Jacey and Dominic to one of their Saturday night parties, the couple learns just how very close-knit the group on Honeysuckle Court is. Do Jacey and Dominic really need extra excitement in their marriage?

And Jacey can't help but wonder - will Joe be there?

Intended for those 18+ due to many sexual situations with a variety of partners!

˃˃˃ Jacey and Dominic have moved onto a street full of sexy swingers
Check out the titillating tales of the neighbours in the erotic romance