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This short story is for fans of HARDCORE. It features the heroine's POV that was not included in the book. Take a look at how Kennedy sees Duke Alexander.



I had a rare moment of...chivalry? Humanity? I don't know. For three years after sex with Kennedy, I decided to be the good guy, and ignore the fact we feel unfinished. Or the way she looks at me. Or that she gets jealous.

She didn't want me to slip into my predator skin and do my own version of the wild hunt. It stayed that way for three years until she climbed back into my bed. Whether she's ready for me this time or not is a moot point. I've been more than fair and patient.

She's probably going to hate me by the end of all this.

I don't care.

The game has begun and I never lose. I cut that part out of me.


PERV Sample