Carey Lewis traded a mundane job in Toronto, Canada, in favor of a backpacker life of nomadic travel. He can be spotted with his beautiful fiance somewhere in Southeast Asia, drinking coffee and scribbling furiously into a notepad while cursing his credit card debt and writing about bad guys that are cooler than he’ll ever be.


Science Fiction

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Generation Z: Book One - The Outbreak

This period of time will forever be known as “Generation Z” – the brief moment in history when Humans and Zombies shared the Earth together; how we set out to handle our differences, co-exist with one another, and ultimately, how one race was completely destroyed. It didn’t happen the way you’d think.

The disease was born in Africa. PAL had a 90% mortality rate that rapidly spread across the planet with devastating effects. The world couldn’t keep up with it. By the time the plague was thought to be conquered, it had infected one billion souls worldwide. But that wasn’t the end of it.

My name is Randolph Garvey, a Zombie, and I’ll be your guide through Generation Z.



A Life Untold

Trevor is a seasoned assassin that’s done it all, including killing his own grandfather when he was just eight years old. But he’s never seen a man welcome his demise before – and that’s exactly what he saw in the eyes of Graham before Trevor shot him. Graham actually smiled.

Trevor becomes consumed, needing to know what would make a man welcome death. The walls begin to close in on him and his life unravels due to his obsession to answer ‘what makes a man want to die?’

The closer he gets, the more his life spirals downward until it’s too late. He finally knows why a man welcomes death – because Trevor now welcomes it.