Ernie Howard was born on January 29,1977, during a Minnesota blizzard. His two storytelling parents almost didn't make it to the hospital in their beat-up blue Cadillac.
Ernie is the author of The Pool, A World Without, Walter, and Float, On Holiday with an S.O.B. Two short tales that recently appeared in Tales from the Canyons of the Damned.
All of these books are available on Kindle.
Ernie lives with his wife and 3 boys in Henderson, NV, where he dreams up new stories and tries to live every day to the fullest.


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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Talk Box

Thomas is very sad. Having lost his wife Alex to cancer, he is grief-stricken and depressed. Alex was like a big sister to Charly and all of them were close-knit before her death. Thomas eventually finds out that his wife can have conversations with him through a Talk Box, which is used to echo back what is played on a guitar. This helps with his grief. His deceased wife can only to him once a week at a very specific time, though. Will this help Thomas and even Charly cope with their loss?


On Holiday with an S.O.B.

Maybe we have to die to experience this life.
Walter Cartright is an obsessed man. His only obsession comes in the form of paper that are converted to ones and zeros on a bank statement. Walter has always been very good at gathering Ones, and Zeros.
His son Eric comes to see him one day to ask Walter if he might part from some of his ones and zeros, and they have a long overdue conversation. A conversation that will make them both see that what they think of as reality is merely an exercise in perception.
There is so much we don’t know about who we really are. Why are we here? Where did we come from? Is all of this real? Would we even know if all of this was real? Maybe we are just tourists with sock sandals, on a long holiday.


Leap A Night Portals Short Story

In Charlotte's world, there are no happy days only dreary moments. A world that used to be wonderful... That is what the old ones say.
Sometimes death is the only way out.
Her tribe is one of love. Their lives are ones of misery. They exist by constantly foraging for food. Once a week one of the tribe gets the sweet release. They get to take the leap into another world.

Sometimes dying is the only way to happiness. Would you take the leap?

Night Portals is a metaphysical anthology series that explores the hidden secrets of life around us.

Eight "What If" short stories from the mind of Ernie Howard. Leap is the eighth story in the series.



A tale of time travel. A tale of redemption. A tale of love. A tale of despair. Would you want anything else? Tate and his grandfather don't know each other very well, but they are connected whether they like it or not. In this tale of time, you will see that blood is always thicker than water.


Cosmic Jury Duty

Stasha never thought about space or space exploration, she was to busy making sure people didn't die. Saving tiny universes she called patients. She never thought of space until one of her patients gives her a responsibility so big, it will affect the entire universe. The big one, not the small ones Stasha is used to saving.
Are you ready Human. It is time to go. Your number has been called. Will you stand up and explore space with the rest of your cosmic brothers and sisters? First Contact is within a week. Let's get started. We have many things to get done before then.


The Light Through the Water

I died when I was 8 years old. I drowned...

If my father hadn't pulled me out of the water I would have stayed dead. Just before I blacked out, I saw the most beautiful light coming through the water. A light so bright and full of love it made me forget about death. Years went by and I forgot about the light. Things changed, I got older. People I loved saw their own light. And I eventually saw mine again. This is the story of my light.
The Light Through the Water




A wall street hotshot learns the value of sharing in this fast-paced story. What darkness lurks in one of his favorite purchases?