Hello Everyone!
I write under the pen name Megan Handsy and S.T. Knight, depending on my mood.. I am from Texas and currently live outside of Dallas. I love to be creative and spend most of my time painting or writing. I tend to write more short erotica, but I am working on larger more intense novels. I read a lot and so does my family so we are NERDS.I am really into video games, comics and super hero everything. Blade Runner is one of the best movies ever made. :) You would describe me as gothic cyber punk. 80's new wave is my favorite music but when I write I tend to listen to a lot of Lana Del Rey. So basically, I am really eclectic.
My husband is my number one fan and critic. He helps me with plot holes and story lines. Thank God for that because I can get too caught up in one train of thought. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with sharing my work, but each day gets easier.
My goal is to give people an escape from the real world from a little while. A place where they can lose themselves and dive into the worlds of other people and experience their lives.
I love to support other indie writers and also get their feedback on my work.
You can find me on Instagram @naughty.knight.stories


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Release Me

You can not own what is not for sale.

Nadia tried to hide from the world and her family for the past 21 years. She wanted nothing more than to be released from the destiny she can not escape.

Samuel thought he was being a good son by agreeing to marry the reclusive daughter of his father's ally. When she makes a scene before they are even introduced, he begins to regret his decision.

Both want to escape the burden placed on them and a chance occurrence may give them the freedom they both seek. Will they chose the path of least resistance, or can one night change the path of both of their lives?

An erotic story with a very steamy twist!