Hello Romance Readers!

You're my favorite kind of people and I'm so happy that you're here checking out my novels. Thank you! If you like to interact with romance authors consider signing up for my exclusive reader's club and let's get to know one another!

I started writing contemporary romance novels because I am a hopeless romantic trying my best to take the sweetest, steamiest, and lip-biting good moments shared between alphas and their ladies and put them into words so I can share them with you!

It all started one summer night, years ago, when I snuck one of my mother's historical romance novels into my room to see what all the fuss was about. Two pages in I was hooked. My eyes devoured the pages and my imagination sprung to life and hasn't quieted down since!

Now my favorite thing to do is sit up late at night with a steaming hot cup of tea beside me as I pound away on my keyboard. It feels good to unleash protective alpha males who are successful, experienced in the art of pleasure, avoid love yet underneath it all crave it the most.

Other tidbits about me - I have a great affinity for all hot beverages. I drink an alarming amount of tea daily (green, black, white, herbal, I never met a tea I didn't like) and also enjoy the process of brewing them as much as I love drinking them. My artisan mug collection is extensive and I can't stop buying them.

I have two fluffy cats who I adore even though everything I own is covered in cat hair. On the weekend you'll find me out exploring local "ruins" with my family or taking long walks in the forest.

I hope that you enjoy reading my novels and getting to know my characters. I would love to hear from you! If interested, let's connect through my email newsletter or on Facebook where you can find information about my new and upcoming releases.

Happy reading,


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Accidentally Perfect

Billionaire Ryan Brocker thought his fake marriage to an old childhood friend was a brilliant, no feelings attached business move. Boy was he wrong.

This playboy is used to providing pulse-pounding pleasure to his lovers while artfully avoiding true love.

Until she came back to town.

A twist of fate causes a long-forgotten friend, Kristin Tice to show up and business mixes dangerously with pleasure as a fake marriage with a neatly defined expiration date is arranged.

Ryan thought he had his feelings under control until his impostor bride's honey-brown eyes started haunting him, her soft curves made his fingertips itch for a touch of her and her laugh caused his body to tighten with need.

Can he turn this pleasurable hoax into something real or will he be left as the one fooled?