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A Black Deeper Than Death

The first in the highly rated and long running urban noir fantasy series.

Miki Radicci is not your average sixteen-year-old city girl. She's emancipated from her grifter parents, a flavor of the month in the art world, and a psychic.

When she witnesses a murder of a young college girl not only does she grab the attention of the police, but also the killer.

To save her life as well as her family, Miki delves into the victim's past and follows a trail that leads her into a dark world of underground molding and low-level criminals


In A Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide

A fast paced urban fantasy adventure of a girl delving into the mind of a psychopath to discover the meaning of her psychic powers.

The Elite Group uses psychics to assist law enforcement and government agencies to solve crimes and no candidate seems more promising than sixteen-year-old artist Miki Radicci who can psychically experience a victim’s pain or death.

Miki works with Elite not only to help victims, but also to learn about her ability. Although she learns more than she expects as she follows the path of a killer, discovering not only questions about the mysterious practices of Elite, but the identity of a face that has been haunting her life and art.