Chogan Swan is a subversive, wild-eyed, non-violent neoRevolutionary who lives in the country of the mind in the world of thoughts in the universe of ideas.

In this tiny corner of the space-time continuum, Chogan studied Philosophy and later collected graduate degrees in Business and Systems Engineering from a major US university renowned for its abundant alcohol consumption and passion for a particularly barbaric blood-sport. Go Hokies! :)

These studies, however, led to an interest in Systems Thinking and how to work together to save the world for everyone.

It won't be easy.
(But then what is that's worth having?)

Philosopher, poet, prophet, revolutionary--sentients in various realities have used these words to describe Chogan. Of course, the truth is in the interstices.

The motivating force for Chogan's ... 'messages in bottles' to the multiverse ...
has been succinctly captured by the words of Harlan Ellison:

"Writing is a holy chore.
... the only organism of quiet communication left to us.
In the soft moments when we huddle alone with our thoughts, we turn to words
... And there--in the moment when (sentient beings) choose to reason--we can reach them.

It is a heavy responsibility."


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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Abandonment of Stars: 50K Word Introdution to the Symbiont Wars Saga Origin

Welcome to the dawn of the Symbiont Wars Saga

Izhidra fell from space three millennia ago...
to where the Nile cradled Earth's earliest civilization on its banks...
Because of her tail and brindled skin, the people mistook her for a goddess...
Bastet, the Eye of Ra...

Though what else could they have thought?
The notion of aliens from another star had no place to alight in their minds.

But Izhidra finds the paths of the gods paved with treacherous stones.

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