Do you ever wonder how or why two people fall in love? What is it exactly, that flips the switch? What about soul mates, is it a real thing?
Melanie is a Canadian Romance writer, from sweet to explicitly sensual, intrigued with that one pivotal moment when Love ignites. Melanie writes to give her characters a home and space of their own, but they are challenged by Murphy's Law and struggle in their quest to find an HEA. Her characters wrestle with aspects of life that touch us all in a storyteller style that will draw you into an emotional, heartfelt ride.
While Melanie’s parents were both avid readers, she was taught love and appreciation for the value of books and the magic within, at an early age.
Melanie's greatest love is her family and she is happily married, a dedicated daughter, a proud mother of three and a loving grandmother.
She would be thrilled to connect with Readers.
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Women's Fiction


Yorgos Ntovas

Well Written, Good Romance, Passionate Love Scenes!! Great Book!!!<br /> Seems well written with interesting plot! Good Book!!

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Only For Makayla

An explosive friendship escalates into a complicated love.
I found Makayla that night.
Her bruised, battered body and crushed spirit cut my heart to pieces.
The blackest, most sinful part of me, ached to destroy the sick coward. To end his life and have payback for his brutal attack on her.
I made an oath that night.
Our undeniable bond survived, but the months have divided us and pushed our fragments so far apart.
I can't have Makayla and risk my friendship with her brother. But I want her... I need her.
Something buried inside me knows that she belongs to me, that she is mine.
I made Makayla a promise. But she fights against it with determined stubbornness. I could drop to my knees and beg. Sometimes I want to, but I can't.
The glimpse of disrespect in her eyes...