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Destiny Rejected

Torn between her duty to uphold a thousand-year-old prophecy and her desire to not be bored out of her mind, Kit Mallory (or Mallory Kit) has decided to give up her life as a Princess/politician’s daughter in favor of traveling the stars in a rusty old ship that still contains its legally dead captain.

Aside from bad food, cold showers, and hard beds, she is enjoying her life as a runaway. Unfortunately, her former bodyguard, and the embodiment of her lingering teenage crush, is hunting her down to return her to her home planet(s) to be married.

With the help of her crew, she must once again escape from her mother's leash and her father's expectations.


Successors (Book 1 of The Warden)

Somewhere in depths of the arctic circle lies a prison that holds as many secrets as it does monsters.
The man responsible for this facility isn’t getting any younger. His bloodline has come to an end and he must now recruit outsiders to take over the thankless duties of maintaining the prison’s preternatural population.
Unfortunately, the covert operation requires him to use underhanded means to obtain his replacement. Sinking to new lows, he scours the illicit world of the slave trade to buy, not one, but two desperate young people. Over time, he will teach and mold them into the perfect successor. All in preparation for the day that one of them will become the prison’s next warden. 


Sister Witches

These nuns are doing God’s work in a less traditional way.

Following the death of her father, Hennie goes off the rails. An attempted murder leads her into a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience. At least, that's what she appears to be doing.

Hennie may be wearing a black veil, but her loyalties to God start with the women of her coven. She and her fellow sisters aren't just teaching bible school. They are ridding the world of evil one exorcism at a time.

If prayers are ineffective, the members of this convent will cast spells instead. Hennie's natural inclination to magic makes her an asset to the coven, but when the devil takes notice, the witches will need more than hexes to ward him off.


Corn, Cows, and the Apocalypse

Rejected by God, the survivors of the reckoning must fight to keep the Earth.

After the infamous and greatly exaggerated apocalypse takes the souls of nearly half the world's population, Lenore is left to figure out life beyond the banality of her previously humble existence. But, with the demon-ridden corpses of her former neighbors trying to kill her, there isn't much time for self-exploration. In fact, the end of days is just turning out to be a lot of work.

Fortunately, Lenore has found some new friends to help protect her. The only downside is that they expect her to help fight off this demon invasion. As a devoted coward, Lenore is reluctant to give up her tried and true strategy of running like a ninny. However, with more and more demons stepping out of hell and donning the skin o