Deborah Kulish wants to share her marital humor with others in her Happily Ever After series. For most of us, marriage is a life changing event and for Jan Nichols, it was no exception. Throughout the series Jan encounters one difficult situation after another; money issues, a little weight gain, new baby, sharing the holidays, and, running a family business. These are just a few examples of what can happen after the words, “I do.” Torn between her love for her husband and her love for a high maintenance life style, Jan comes to realize that most importantly, love can overcome the conflicts.

Deborah enjoys writing contemporary fiction entwined with romance, comedy, and suspense. Deborah resides in Metro Detroit enjoying the surrounding arts, culture, sports, and entertainment. She holds a degree in management and has a wide range of experience writing for businesses, from newsletters to marketing media to processes and guidelines. In addition, she has authored numerous articles for online media websites and the local newspaper. In addition to reading, writing, and dabbling in technology, Deborah enjoys cooking her favorite family recipes. And, when not dining at home you'll often find her at one of the local pubs or taverns having a great time with family and friends.

You will enjoy and embrace the entire Happily Ever After series with Jan Nichols and her relationships of naughty and nice friends and family. This fun loving, romantic comedy series is sure to warm your heart.

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Maternal Instincts (Preview)

With Jan Nichols’ career at an all time high, she was excited to start a new chapter in her life—motherhood. But when a government agency threatens to shut down her husband’s family company, she has to find out who is behind the false accusations and put a stop to it. The last thing in the world she wanted was for it to be destroyed. What she didn’t expect was to have to choose between her career or her family, to play referee between her mother and stepmother-in-law, and loose a best friend. Will the stress from all the extra work put Jan’s pregnancy at risk?


Christmas Runaway (Preview)

Growing up, Jan Nichols always spent a traditional Christmas with family on her Grandparents’ farm. So, when the newlywed loses a bet to her husband, she expects to endure the worst—holidays with his family.

As the holidays approach dealing with her husband’s demands, her friends’ accusations, and her challenging career, was about all she could stand. And, when a strange woman shows up in their lives, Jan has to decide what is most important for her marriage and make her stand.

On Christmas day, still determined to have her own way, she needs to be creative and find her escape from his family’s cottage. But when she is driving in whiteout conditions, she fears the worst. All Jan can do is hope that her husband realizes she’s missing and come to her rescue—before it’s too late.


Moonlighting Bride (Preview)

When rich meets middle class love ensues. But will it be enough to keep newly married Jan Nichols from creatively financing her high maintenance lifestyle?

Jan Nichols is newly married and has to give her paycheck to her dominating husband. Instead of only supporting her high maintenance lifestyle, she now has to pay for things like electricity, insurance, groceries, and stay within her budget. This comes as a complete surprise to her. How did marrying the man of her dreams suddenly turn her world upside down?

Jan has to figure out how she’s going to maintain her standard of living at any costs. She can’t let him know what she’s up to and she still wants to make her husband happy. But when Jan realizes that her husband may be playing her for money—she needs to find safety fast.


Life Changing, Prequel

Jan Nichols is young, ambitious, and ready to fulfill her life’s dreams. When she meets the handsome stranger, can happily ever after come true for her?

With everything checked off her life’s to-do list, it was time for Jan Brooks to look to the future. She was accomplished with an MBA degree and a fulfilling career. Being an independent, rational woman, she normally did not react so impetuously. But, when it was love at first sight for the handsome stranger, she had to find out if he was the missing puzzle piece in her life.