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Adolescent Love

When Amy's mom invites her home for Christmas, all Amy wants is to forget her past. But it's proving very difficult because painful memories floods her mind as soon as she steps into their little town. As if things aren't bad enough, she encounters her ex-boyfriend who abandoned her when she needed him most. From friends to lovers and now enemies, Amy and Jason are thrown together in circumstances that they can't control. They're forced to review their past, and it makes them wonder if they hadn't been hasty in declaring each other enemies.


Between Love and Hate

Two years ago, Hannah Peters was tragically exposed to what some would call an intense betrayal. Thanks to the one who had caused it all-Lucas Gaines.
Everything went downward spiral after they started dating. What seemed to be a perfect relationship turned from blissful to a nightmare the moment Lucas humiliated Hannah in front of the entire school, leaving her completely heartbroken.
In order to avoid him at all cost, she did what everyone would do, she got transferred to another school.
Two years later, she had to go back to where it happened-back to Brooksland High. She only had two things in her mind-to fix her reputation and avoid Lucas.
The question is, will she success or will she fail again?
Things may not be as they seem, but is she strong enough to find out?