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Collar and Scruff

Jason Mitchell knew the only way he was ever going to make something of himself was through hard work. After a family tragedy, leaving just him and his sister alive, the two worked every hour possible just to make ends meet. One song, one opportunity, and that could all change.
Raoul has worked for eternity, first for Lord Hades, and then for himself, building a life he could share with a mate. When he comes across a man who challenged life in a song, he was intrigued. But was this the man his master had promised would come?
Pink horned demons and evil weasels are enough to put a crimp in anyone’s day, but one thing Raoul hadn’t considered was how close Jason’s stubbornness might come to tearing them apart.
Collars and Scruff is an MM paranormal fated mates story. HEA.


You'll Know In Your Heart


Harder in Heels

Ronan Montgomery had built himself a good life; he had friends, a small apartment to call his own, and a fantastic job as a dancer/choreographer. He still missed his mother dearly, but even though she’d been dead five years, he adhered to her number one rule – stay away from other wolves. He knew, as an Omega, that others of his kind weren’t overly friendly with those they considered weak, but as he’d never met another wolf, he didn’t feel he’d anything to worry about. That was, until he spotted two Alpha wolves at one of his performances. Who knew one brief second of eye contact could change his life forever.
Graphic M/M content