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Science Fiction

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Earth is a scarred ruin, but on a thousand worlds, people survive, building and looking to the future. But peace is elusive, and Earth’s sad fate has failed to slow the call to war.

Unable to sustain their own armies and navies, the colonies look to the mrecs of the Great Companies for aid in time of war. These futuristic condottiere contract themselves to the highest bidder, and the mightiest terrify all who oppose them. Darius Cain is the leader of the Black Eagles, the most renowned of all the Companies, undefeated in combat.

But is a greater darkness, working in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike. As Cain slowly uncovers the truth, he must forge an alliance among old enemies, the other Companies his men have fought for years…and the twin brother he hasn’t seen in a decade.


Red Team Alpha

Red Team Alpha. An elite military unit. Twenty highly-trained veteran warriors, Mars’ best. They are capable, dedicated, armed with the best tech Mars has to offer. And they don’t exist, at least not officially.

Now the team will face its greatest test. In a distant system there is a wreck, the remains of an ancient ship, first contact and proof that mankind is not alone.

It’s a job for the Team, but even these veterans will be put to the test as they uncover the dark horror within. They will fight, ignoring the odds as usual, but this time they will be caught between two enemies. For they are not the only ones who know about the ruins. Even now, Alliance forces are on the move, ready to do whatever is necessary to gain the priceless ship…including wiping out Red Team Alpha completely.




Blackhawk. A man running from a dark and sinister past. A genetically-engineered warrior and accomplished killer, he is also a lost soul, who has fled to the Far Stars, seeking escape, and a new life.

Augustin Lucerne. One of Celtiboria’s feuding Warlords, a brilliant tactician and respected commander. Lucerne is something rare on Celtiboria, in all of the Far Stars…an honorable man who fights not for personal gain but to save his world.

When Blackhawk meets Lucerne he comes to a stark choice. He can continue on his way, wandering from world to world, alone and without purpose. Or he can join Lucerne, fight at the Warlord’s side. But whatever he chooses, he must face the demons that have pursued him across the stars, the dark version of himself that still lives deep within his mind.