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D for Darien Sample

She was all set to marry her childhood sweetheart. Then she met the mysterious man who ignited her soul.

She knew the moment she met him, he was a dangerous man; an undeniable edge lurked just beneath the surface. Back then, she thought the wrongest thing about being attracted to him was that he had denied her visa to join her fiancé in the U.K. Now she realizes, that should have been the least of her worries. Because Darien Mitchell isn’t just a visa officer, he is something far more lethal, far darker. As Rain Handa continues to explore Darien’s enigmatic billionaire world, she has to ask herself if the journey will be worth it. She should walk away before she falls in love with him. Or is she already in too deep?

Pick, D for Darien, the 2nd Installment of the Visa Series.



21 Days Being Naked

I came out of a difficult relationship, and I found I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. Then I thought I'd healed until I started repeating the same patterns, with a different man. And I just had to stop. And look at my naked reflection in the mirror.

It gave birth to this series, 21 Days Being Naked. I originally posted it on my Facebook page. Then put it together in one easy access pocketbook. This series is about being bare, raw until the truth is uncovered. It's short and honest. My journey.