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Lover Boy

I shouldn't want Leo Montgomery. He just moved in next door with a ton of baggage, which includes an out-of-control little boy. I know better than to get involved with a man like him. My brother would kill me if he knew that I was getting twisted in my sheets with his wounded army buddy.

But from the moment I first saw this brooding single dad, I've wanted his hands on me and his lips on me and his sweaty body pressing me down. I can't help myself. So when he tells me that he can't give me his heart, I hear crazy words stumbling from my lips.

"We don't need a label...We can just be lovers."

Holy crap -- I hope I can handle this ride.


Dirty Forever

People assume that my marriage is over. They’re wrong.

She kicked me out. She changed the locks. She had me served with those damn divorce papers.

But if Grace Monroe-Trotten thinks she's getting rid of me that easy, she's mistaken. She doesn't know the lengths I'd go to for her. I'm not giving up on my wife, on my son, on my marriage.

I've changed. And a real man isn't scared to jump through hoops (wearing ridiculous men's yoga pants) to prove it.

I may not deserve a second chance but I'm gonna fight like hell to get back in her heart and in her bed.


Dirty Farmer


I'm a little hormonal right now.

Y'see, I found the ring at the bottom of his sock drawer, a modest diamond sitting on a thin, yellow gold band. But now 8 weeks later, it's gone. He returned it and my once-devoted boyfriend is having second thoughts.

Did I mention that I'm pregnant?

Anyway, I had to get out of the city and I had nowhere else to go. So, I jumped in my car and headed to Reyfield, Illinois. Now I'm working for a grumpy cowboy who sets my hormones into overdrive.


I like to keep to myself. Just me and my farm. So when a chatty city girl shows up in search of work, I'm hesitant to hire. But with her adorable blond ringlets and her pretty pink lips, I can't bring myself to say 'no'.

And did I mention that she's pregnant?


Even More Dirty Farmer - extended epilogue

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