I am the author of First Second Coming and sequels to come. The idea for FSC, my debut novel, came to me on 9/11 as a result of watching the World Trade Center fall. I'd been in the building often, as my law firm conducted seminars there every May. I had clients in the building, some of whom were lost. Horrified by what I was seeing on CNN, a random thought came to me: "We need a new god. A planetary turnaround specialist."

Most random thoughts come and go, but this one remained stored somewhere in the deeper recesses of my brain. In 2015, soon after I decided to write fiction as a retirement hobby, I began to learn the craft. That random thought made itself known again. A rudimentary plot, the names and histories of the two main characters and three different story endings spilled out in one sitting. I jotted everything down, made a bullet point outline, and began to write whenever I could. First Second Coming was the result.



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