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Strawberries and Thunderstorms: Deleted Scene from Chapter 13

Deleted Scene from Chapter 13 of Strawberries and Thunderstorms


Strawberries and Thunderstorms: Deleted Scene from Chapter 3

This is a deleted scene from Chapter three of Strawberries and Thunderstorms. Trigger Warning: child abuse, death of a wild animal, homophobia, trans-phobia


Strawberries and Thunderstorms: Bonus Scene Epilogue Part 2

Bonus Epilogue Scene for Strawberries and Thunderstorms.


A Daddy's Patience


I’m not what most Daddy’s look for in a boy. What if I’ll always be looking for the right Daddy to see past the way I look, but never find him?

My family wants me to take over the family business and be the boss. My heart wants to be little all the time. I’m torn between two facets of myself, and then I finally meet the Daddy I’ve been searching for. I just wish I could stomach the idea of letting my family down, because I’m not cut out for that life.

A Daddy’s Patience is about a Ginger Daddy-Bear and an Organized Crime Boss-boy. This is a prequel novel for a new age-play series involving Daddies and their sweet boys. There is an element of darkness to this cartel romance story involving some morally grey characters. If you don’t like that, I don’t mind, but don’t read.