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The Alice '65

When a flighty superstar wants to donate a rare extraordinary book to his university, can a shy British cataloguer survive dealing with Hollywood's usual self-centered madness to retrieve the treasure & keep it from falling into the wrong hands?

And keep himself from falling in love with a woman who is unattainable?

(This is the first 5 chapters; full book available at Smashwords (half-price through the end of July)


Hunter - Part 1 of 4 parts

Hunter is a businessman who's found his niche -- men. Good-looking men to be provided to a network that will then offer them to a very wealthy, very
exclusive clientele. That these men are usually straight and unwilling is
beside the point.

He takes great joy in fulfilling orders that come his way. However, his greatest pleasure comes from handling special orders, where he has to track down and capture a man who has been specifically chosen, no matter what the cost...until he becomes the hunted one...

Books 1-4 are available for free through Smashwords. The full novel, including a section available nowhere else, is half-price through Smashwords. Both offers are good through the end of July.