Elle Keaton

What a wonderful story His Thawing Heart is, I loved that it isn't particularly angsty (even though I love angst) and that the characters are open and honest with each other. I have to admit I have a total soft spot for grumpy vs happy; Becker is definitely a grouch who realizes his softer side and Enzo is...well, you'll have to read His Thawing Heart and find out for yourself!

Marie Sinclair

This is a sweet opposites attract story. A snowstorm keeps grumpy Trentham from escaping his best friend's perennially happy younger brother, Enzo. Like a spring thaw, Enzo's perpetual sunshine gradually melts Trentham's heart in this captivating slow burn that will have you rooting for these two.

Jessie G

The world thinks Becker is nursing a broken heart. He's just looking for a place to hole up until the ridiculousness passes. Enter the younger brother of a bandmate. Enzo is happy with his life, his job, his pets, himself, and, of course, to help. Add in two dogs, a cat, some sexual revelations, and a snowstorm and this is 'brother's-best-friend' meets 'grumpy-one-falls-for-the-sunshiney-one' in the very best way. You will not be disappointed.

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