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G M Sherwin

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First Strike

Lured away from the CDC for a lucrative position in the private sector, epidemiologist Giselle Quick is a happy woman. It’s not just the money, either. The work itself is beyond interesting, and who wouldn’t like to be paid big money to play diabolical games all day? Especially when those games can help save lives.

The BG Group is one of the biggest military armaments suppliers in the country, and they’re putting those earnings to good use. Giselle and her Red Cell game all the possibilities of biological warfare, so the country will be prepared if the worst happens. It’s good work, even if it is for profit.

The only thing to mar this perfect new job is how intensely interested BG is becoming in her results.


Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal

If there’s one good thing about the end of the world, it’s that Jillian wasn’t alone when it happened. Her neighborhood is still populated and more importantly, no one is trying to eat anyone else. The rest of the world isn’t so lucky. Where the Awakened roam, terror follows.

A medical miracle turned bad is the cause of it all. What’s worse, almost everyone has some form of the medicine in their system. Medical nanites changed the landscape is wonderful ways, but when those medical miracles turned bad, it was the end of the world.

Within the safety of their small waterfront neighborhood, Jillian and her neighbors must forge a new path, one that will keep them safe...keep them alive. Within each of them lies the seeds of destruction, but also the will to survive.