Taylor V. Donovan

Lovely, sexy, fulfilling story about seeking closure and finding happily ever after instead.

Anyta Sunday

Adrian, afraid. Dante, determined. Together they have a closet full of issues to sort out. A fun, fast read!

Elle Keaton

Isla Olsen has done a great job with this comedic and snarky second-chance-at-love tale. The characters are well developed and complicate; I laughed out loud while also I wanting to strangle them both a few times. Contemporary mmromance fans won't be disappointed!

A.F. Zoelle

Ex-mas Present is another cleverly titled and fun story from Isla Olsen. For those of you who have read her “The Ghosts of Crushes Past,” you will see some familiar faces that make this story even more fun with little easter eggs for long-time readers. For new readers, you can still enjoy this story without reading any of her previous work. The happy ending leaves you with the warm fuzzies that are perfect for this time of year.

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