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The Rock Star's Guide to Getting Your Man (Promo Teaser)

A rock star returns to his hometown to figure out his life and accidentally falls back in love with his ex-best friend.


Winging It Sneak Peek

Hockey is Gabe Martin’s life. Falling for his teammate isn’t in the game plan.

Gabe plots his existence around his dream of winning the Stanley Cup, leaving no room for romance or even coming out. But where teammate Dante Baltierra is concerned, Gabe’s single-minded focus takes a major hit.

Dante is riding high on his second year in the NHL. Some might call him shameless, but Dante prefers “charming.” He’s easy with his smile… and his virtue. It kills him that Gabe’s so buttoned-up when he should be having the time of his life. When a tabloid outs Gabe, suddenly so many things make sense, but Dante’s still asking himself why he cares so much about Gabe’s happiness.

Practically overnight, Gabe goes from the closet to the object of his crush’s affections. But he knows Dante well—there’s no way the guy is serious about Gabe. Is there?