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Tiger Tricks

A bad boy fireman receives an unexpected handful of dalmatian puppy. Only a a sweet geeky social media star can help him. It's all professional until their chemistry lights them on fire.

When neither of them want commitment, can they handle a fling without getting burned? This fireman's fought a lot of fires but this is one blaze he can’t put out. And you know what they say about playing with fire!

Tiger Tricks is a full-length standalone romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after!

*This download is preview and contains only a portion of the full book.*



Bright Haven

David has a secret. Is Mike keeping one too?

Veterinarian David Parker and his partner veteran turned carpenter Mike Sudbrock are getting ready for their annual party. David's twin girls, their golden retriever Bacon and all their friends and family are invited. Well, almost all their family...

Everything seems perfect until David's estranged parents show up like Sleeping Beauty's bad fairy. They want to reconcile the past, but is there too much bad history? It would take a miracle, or maybe a creative solution, to fix the damage. Fortunately David has some ideas. But will they work or will the past overshadow his and Mike's happiness again?

Not only that, but the secret David is keeping will determine their entire future. Fortunately, anything is possible in Amberly!



Stray Home

Receive a free sample of Stray Home, the hit romance novel about second chances and what makes a family! Then read it for free in KU!

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"Extremely well and tightly written. Sweet but not saccharin."
"A perfect story and a great read."
"Edith Scott has a way with words."
"I really didn't want it to end. I kept reading a chapter or three and then putting it down, not wanting the end to come, dragging it out."
"What a wonderful, feel good book! I enjoyed the story line completely. The writing was colorful and emotional. I found myself wanting to know what was going to happening next."

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