Women's Fiction

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A box of old letters, a trip to Italy, the cocky quarterback who thinks he's God's gift, and the sassy violinist...

When Evie opened her door to Gage, she didn't realize she'd be unleashing all sorts of trouble that would set off a chain reaction to throw her emotions completely out of control.
Gage goes to her for assistance after his grandmother receives a box containing letters from her first love who she thought died in Italy, in WW2.
The problem is ... the letters are at least seventy years old, and there's every chance her first love could now be dead.
Despite this, his grandmother is determined to go to Italy and find out.
Gage and Evie accompany her on this wild goose chase but get more than they bargained for when they find themselves wildly attracted to each other.


The Objection To Affection

So this is what happens when you fall out of the frying pan and into the fire.
When Allyson Summers lost her job at The Bay News as a prestigious investigative journalist she thought things were bad. Her world and life she had created for herself had literally crumbled beneath her.
Never could she imagine that life could actually get worse when she's asked to work on her best friend's wedding with her childhood nemesis Zack Collins, a retired marine.
Zack Collins couldn't imagine anything worse than working on this wedding with Allyson, especially since he retired from the marines to recover from a terrible experience in Afghanistan.
As life throws them together in the most bizarre situations they realize that they've both changed from the people they used to be when they were younger.


I Only Have Eyes For You

An exciting blend of romance and adventure awaits...

When Savannah gets the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a year in Japan, she jumps at the chance. But she gets more than she bargains for when she falls for the deadly handsome billionaire, Hiroshi.
Despite appearances, Hiroshi's life is a mess, and he is a disappointment to his family. He is desperately trying to get his training center off the ground to redeem himself, but he is helplessly drawn to Savannah.
Can their love survive without pulling their lives apart?