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Her Forever Cowboy: Clean Cowboy Romance

A wife without a memory, a husband wanting the chance to set things right, and a toddler who brings them together...

Noel and David Fredrickson have grown apart since their two-year-old son, Charlie, was born. After a harrowing accident on Thanksgiving, Noel can't remember the last two years, including the rough times and even their son. Her confusion grows exponentially when the deputy discloses that he believes her husband had something to do with her accident.

Noel doesn't know who to trust as David does all he can to assure her he's still the man she fell in love with. David spends his nights researching amnesia and creating a forum for support: Unforgettable Cowboys.

Read this prequel to Unforgettable Cowboys, a clean and wholesome romance series with a touch of suspense.