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The Excellent Adventures of Sassy & Tumble

The debut outing for little Tumble and wise Sassy! The book takes us on 11 epic little quests around the North Pole in this lighthearted children's adventure. Join our heroes as they avoid doing homework, rescue cats, get lost, whistle tunes... And call on their acrobatic circus dwelling friend Poppy when they get in over their heads. The self-proclaimed adventurers creatively and casually go about their lives, not taking anything too seriously, apart from watching televis- no, ADVENTURING!!! Adventuring is kind of their thing. Or so they claim... They hope to ultimately follow in the footsteps of the great heroes of yesteryear, to become the greatest adventurers in the world! Or at least in the northern hemisphere... Or their home town would do for that matter... Sassy, Tumble, Poppy & Co