Abby Kingston lives in the Australian countryside. She is an emerging author of paranormal fantasy. When she’s not writing novels, Abby enjoys singing, songwriting, reading, crocheting blankets, drinking tea, and hiking in the Australian bush.


Teen & Young Adult

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Luminous (Everheart Dean Series, Book 1)

A girl haunted by a dark nightmare. A boy with secrets. A war as old as time.

Eighteen-year-old Everheart Dean's life is tipped upside-down after a trip to the beach takes a deadly turn and she is thrown into the path of the impossibly handsome, and strangely familiar lifeguard, Sam Archer.

Demons are hunting her. Angels want her dead. And the boy she’s falling for is the most mysterious of all.

Desperate for answers, Everheart is forced to question the truth behind Sam’s attentions, as well as everything her father ever told her about her past and the mother she can’t remember.