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Science Fiction

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Pathways to Bolingbrook

Two different women. 

Two different paths.

One destination.

Reporter Sara Langston thought she was writing a puff piece about the Mayor of Bolingbrook, IL speaking at a convention. When reviewing her recordings, she hears a conversation that she doesn't remember. She asks questions. Questions her publisher and editor don't want her to ask.

When Miriam's father kicked her out, she fled to Iowa City. Now a young adult, she's out of options and wants to escape Iowa City. A new friend offers her a way out, but, as she's learned in her brief adult life, there's always a catch.

Both will start on a path that will bring them to the pathway village and become entwined in its secrets. But will either of them find the answers they're looking for?

Pathways to Bolingbrook is the first book in the Bolingbrook Babbler Stories series that are humanistic takes on conspiracy stories like The X-Files and Stranger Things.