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Sassy Temptations Sample Chapter

Marry me. The two words terrify and overjoy Gia Pendleton, and she finds herself faced with a decision. Does she? Or doesn’t she? Being in love with a vampire is not somehitng she thought she would see in her future. But she can’t deny the love they share.
In the midst of making her decision and following the death of her father, Gia finds herself traveling with a friend to Blue Creek to clear her head. Complications arise when her travel companion reveals he isn’t human. After the shocke wears off, Gia finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between shifters—wolves and vampires.
Layton Kyle wants nothing more than to see his ring on the finger of his love, Gia. But a simple yes from her has a price—her life. He decided he must protect what’s his and follows to the town of Blue