Science Fiction

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The Naga Hunter's Lost Mate

I am caught by a beast but the longer he has me, the more I lose the desire to escape.

Everything is terrifying and strange on this alien planet I’ve crashlanded on. Especially the purple-scaled snakeman that ‘rescued’ me. When I run, he just follows me and I realize that maybe I don’t want to escape. How crazy is that?

When his Clan threatens me, we’re hunted, and there’s only one option. We run and surrender to the sizzling desire between us.


Gladiator's Sanctuary

Sold by her ex to be breeding stock to a crime lord. Jasmin is trapped in the dark with a wounded, sexy gladiator.


My life is in shambles after the betrayal of my ex-boyfriend. He thinks he can make some quick cash selling me, and take my precious ship too. No one takes my ship from me!

They lock me in a dark cell, awaiting my new master’s return. What I hadn’t counted on, was the sexy, wounded gladiator in the cell next to mine. I’m never falling for a sexy body or a pretty face again, but it’s a struggle to fight the sizzling attraction between us. 

And when a flood means we end up locked into the same cell… I can’t possibly keep my hands to myself. 


My gladiator days are numbered, and my shoulder is too damaged to properly heal. If I don’t escape now, my next fight will see me dead on the sands.

When I witness the feisty female being captured, my instincts clamor at me to rescue her. To claim her as my own and protect her from what is to come if we don’t escape.


Beast Unburdened


Monsters are real. And so are aliens…

The beast was terrifying. Eight foot tall, covered in green scales with horns that would make a bull jealous. When they threw me into his cell, expecting him to knock me up so they could sell his offspring, the last thing I expected was to find a gentle giant.

Okay, okay, not that gentle. He did kill a guy and tossed his corpse at my feet the moment we met. Not exactly romantic.

But he gives the best cuddles, that counts for something right?


When the slavers threw a pretty human into my cell I knew I had to act. Everything had been building up to this moment.

To break out of this cell.
To free my brothers from a fate in the arena.
I have to step up. I have to be more than the mindless beast I’ve pretended to be.

To save the pretty female I have to be their leader.

…and maybe I can convince her to stay by my side while I do it.