Science Fiction

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Martian Shuffle

Is it better to keep a secret or share it? Or does it depend on which option is least likely to get you killed?

Roland comes to the Red Planet hoping to catch up with some fellow exiles and do something about his ‘secret’ tattoo. But he soon gets dragged into the conflicts that flare up in two apparently normal families with murky pasts.

And if Gladys had told her son the truth about his father, the band of pirates might never have disturbed their quiet little Martian spacetown.


Not Quite Blackmail Material

At the start of the balmy summer of 2165, Roland and Mar take a fast train to the south coast of Spain to interview a Russian mafia boss known as the Count in the hope of finding out exactly who sent him the last of the three murderous androids that Roland’s colleagues have tracked from London to the palatial residence in Marbella.

But which side will the Count choose in the power struggle going on within The Company? And what will the ginger-haired visitor from the Moon do if and when he is forced to leave the Costa del Sol empty-handed?