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Heir of Ashes

★★★★★ - "Fast-paced action with elements of paranormal and a strong, vibrant female main character. An exciting debut by a promising new author."


From Fame to Ruin

Carol is having a bad year. As the last remaining Montenegro, she’s forced to leave behind her comfortable life and the dreams of a great degree, all so she can sort out the crooked lawsuit she inherited, along with a fiance she detests.
Her belief that she’s weathered the worst comes crashing the day she receives a frightening letter from an enemy she didn’t know she had.
Out of options, Carol has no choice but to turn to the man she hurt years ago: the father of her child.
Ricardo is past the life where he spent his nights playing rock music and his days enjoying his fame. He’s conveniently forgotten the woman who played him for a fool, burying his feelings for her deep and tight. His life now consists of a tiny office in the family’s hardware store, standing in for lazy employees, and meaningless dates.
So when Carol reaches out with a wild tale, he’s not exactly inclined to help her, but finds himself moored by circumstances, half-truths, and memories of the past.