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Baby Barbarian and the Players Throne, Part I

When the Berrserk family arrive for the monthly market at the local village of Lethomme, they discover a traveling merchant with a wagonload of magical curiosities has arrived just before them. Among these trinkets and baubles is the infamous Player's Throne, a unique seat that spirits 'whosoever sits on it' off to a Land of Endless Fun and Games!

When one of the Berrserk family takes the throne, he soon finds out that the merchant's definition of 'fun and games' leaves a lot to be desired! For in King Slapdash's ruined castle, there's more danger than Gammie Hildegard, the Berrserk family's ghostly grandma, can shake her phantom stick at.

To get back to home will require all the Berrserk family's wits and resources... as well as more than a little of their special Barbarian Rage Power!