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Betrayed by the Bear Sneak Peek!

The ambitious young doctor, Dahlia James, has stumbled onto one of the biggest secrets in all of history, the existence of shape shifters living among us. Dahlia draws the attention of two clashing groups of shifters, neither of which care if she lives or dies. She has no idea how much danger she’s in until she meets the sexy, mysterious Xander Sinclair.

Xander is an arrogant bear shifter on a mission to find Dahlia and destroy any evidence that shifters exist. Despite his orders, he can’t resist helping the beautiful woman when her life is threatened. Torn between protecting his people and his feelings for Dahlia, Xander is faced with the hardest decision of his life.

Betray the woman he loves or turn his back on everything he’s ever known.



My Hero Bear Sneak Peek!

Rory is in trouble, and the only person who can help her is the last person she wants to ask. Her brother’s best friend, Dylan, the man she once loved and the man she now hates. Ever since he came back from the military, he’s dark, distant, and he’s been avoiding her.

Dylan is dangerous, powerful, and something of a legend. He’s fought in wars and taken down criminals, but the one thing he’s never been able to conquer is his attraction to Rory. Too bad Dylan made a promise to his best friend to stay away from his little sister, and it’s a promise he intends to keep. Until Rory shows up on Dylan’s doorstep one night, asking him for help.

Keeping Rory safe gives Dylan a second chance, but both of them are keeping secrets from each other that could shatter their worlds.