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Throne of Darkness

Do these visions mean something, or am I losing my mind?

When Othaashle, undead Champion of the Imaia, starts having strange visions that threaten her ability to protect her people and make her question everything she knows, she must seek the Throne of Darkness, her only hope of stopping the visions and keeping her mind from unravelling.

When her rival catches onto her plan, Othaashle must not only manipulate a rebel group into leading her to the Throne, but find it and claim its power before it is too late. The world ends in twenty-four days, and an empty Throne will die with it.

And only one can claim its power.

Throne of Darkness is the first book in the Post-Apocalyptic Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Awakening the Lightforged.
If you like immersive, magical worlds, surprising plot twists, compelling characters, and kick-ass warrior women, then you’ll love this first installment of Spencer Russell Smith’s debut series.

Book 2: Sanctuary, will release October 31st 2022!