Historical Romance

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Hunter's Point, chapter 1

Sai has spent most of his life locked away and medicated because the human world cannot understand his inexplicable rages. Orphaned as a baby, his life has been a constant downward spiral he never understood.

As a tiger shifter, Asher's life is good. He helps his family run Hunter's Point. A group home for abandoned shifter babies and children whose identities have to be hidden from the humans.

Asher responds to an emergency call about a possible shifter kept in a human hospital and goes to investigate. The young man has been subjected to years of human drugs poisonous to a shifter's mind and body. Asher has no idea if the damage is permanent and for once is completely out of his depth. He expected to find someone in trouble.

What he didn't expect to find was his mate.



One Last Trick

One last trick to pay the rent was all he needed. He should have known better.