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For Your Ears Only Sneak Peek

Retrieve the files. Save the world.

Seventeen-year-old Loveday has been training to be a spy in a secret underground bunker known only as the Ivory Tower. When she and her team are sent out on their first mission, it's an easy one. A test of their abilities. All they have to do is crack a ring of car thieves for London's premiere hotel owner, Charles Darnay.

But Darnay isn't telling the whole truth about the car thefts, which have more to do with government files hidden in one of the cars than the vehicles themselves.

In a race against time and other seedy organizations all vying for the list, Loveday and her team must use all their skills to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, and putting the lives of every CIA agent around the world at risk.



All-American Liars Sneak Peek - First Four Chapters

Three teenagers with one goal — to make it through the next two weeks without spilling their secrets.

Tristan’s an ace basketball player who dreams of playing college basketball at UCLA. But a reputation-shattering discovery threatens his future.

Annie’s made a lot of terrible choices lately, and the secrets she’s keeping from Tristan could tear them apart, especially if he finds out about her role in his downfall.

Rich’s only ticket out of their tiny town is the All-American basketball team. All that stands between him and success is the town darling, Tristan …

For these three, making decisions isn’t a slam dunk. If they make the wrong choices, they’ll lose everything.



Malignant SNEAK PEEK

When high school sophomore Reese's beloved mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she chooses to remain at home with her family rather than undergoing futile, body-ravaging treatments. Reese must grapple with the reality of losing her mother far sooner than she ever had dreamed, and far before she has learned everything that her mother has to teach her.

Reese's father pulls away from the family in grief and leaves Reese to care for much of the household. As the weeks pass, Reese realizes that the devastating cancer that is killing her mother might also cause her to lose her father.