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Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed James and Lainey’s love story in The Laws of Seduction. As a special thank you, I invite you to see the world through James’s eyes. Experience his thoughts and reactions as he meets Lainey for the first time.

With Love,


Laws of Seduction, Complete Series

Read all four books in the Laws of Seduction serial romance. Readers will fall in love with Lainey and James, two people who must put their pasts behind them and learn to take risks. Readers should be warned that this story is intensely romantic, deeply seductive, and beyond addictive. If you are a fan of alpha males and couples who were made to be together, this scorching workplace drama is a must-read.

I am not the type of girl to sleep around so it is quite a shock when I come face to face with my one and only one-night stand on my first day at my new job as a junior associate at one of Manhattan’s biggest law firms. It turns out that my one-night stand has a reputation as a player and is one of the biggest commitment phobes on the island.